Bakhtawar Pakistani Television Drama

akshanxDecember 26, 2022

“Bakhtawar” is a Pakistani drama series that aired on the Geo Entertainment network in 2021. The series follows the story of a woman named Bakhtawar. Who is struggling to navigate the challenges and expectations of society as she tries to find her place in the world.

Bakhtawar drama

Bakhtawar is a strong-willed and independent woman. Who is determined to follow her dreams and live life on her own terms. Despite facing numerous obstacles and challenges. She remains determined to achieve her goals and refuses to let anyone or anything stand in her way.

As she navigates the complexities of life, Bakhtawar finds herself at the center of a love triangle between two men.

  1. Qaisar, a wealthy and influential man,
  2. and Farhan, a caring and compassionate man.

As she tries to choose between them. She contend with the scheming and manipulative actions of Zainab, a rival who is determined to destroy Bakhtawar’s happiness.

Throughout the series, Bakhtawar faces numerous challenges as she tries to find her place in the world and follow her dreams. Despite these challenges, she remains determined and refuses to give up, ultimately finding the strength and resilience to overcome her difficulties and emerge victorious.

Bakhtawar drama cast

The main cast of the series includes:

  1. Yumna Zaidi as Bakhtawar
  2. Mikaal Zulfiqar as Qaisar
  3. Sami Khan as Farhan
  4. Sajal Aly as Zainab
  5. Ali Abbas as Hasan

Yumna Zaidi plays the lead role of Bakhtawar. A strong-willed and independent woman who is determined to follow her dreams and live life on her own terms. Mikaal Zulfiqar plays the role of Qaisar, a wealthy and influential man who becomes involved in Bakhtawar’s life. Sami Khan plays the role of Farhan, a caring and compassionate man who becomes close to Bakhtawar. Sajal Aly plays the role of Zainab, a scheming and manipulative woman who is determined to destroy Bakhtawar’s happiness. Ali Abbas plays the role of Hasan, a kind and supportive man who becomes a close friend to Bakhtawar.

Bakhtawar drama timing and day

The series was broadcast on a weekly basis, with new episodes airing on Sunday evenings at 8:00 pm Pakistan Standard Time (PST).

It’s worth noting that the availability of “Bakhtawar” on television or streaming platforms may vary depending on your location. If you are unable to watch the series on television or through a streaming service in your region. You may be able to find it on other platforms or through rental or purchase from a digital retailer such as Amazon or Google Play.

Alternatively, you may be able to find the series on online forums or websites that offer illegal streaming or downloads of Pakistani dramas. It’s important to note that these types of websites may not always be reliable or legal, and downloading or streaming content from these sources may violate copyright laws and put your device at risk.

Where to watch Bakhtawar drama

Watch is by searching Bakhtawar drama.

In general, there are many options for viewing TV shows and movies online, including streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, as well as cable and satellite TV providers. You may be able to find Bakhtawar on one of these platforms, or you may need to check with the production company or network that produced the show to see if it is available for streaming or purchase.

The conclusion

Bakhtawar” was well-received by viewers and received positive reviews for its strong performances and compelling storyline. If you’re a fan of Pakistani dramas and are looking for a show with strong, relatable characters and an engaging plot, “Bakhtawar” is definitely worth checking out.


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