Till the World Ends 2022: Season 1

Oct. 29, 2022
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“Till The World Ends” is a film series that follows two youthful folks as they end up inadvertently living respectively over the past 13 days of the world. “Workmanship” is an exceptionally alluring business understudy; sadly a mishap made him lose his recollections. Because of his cognitive decline he depends on “GOLF” to help him explore and get ready for the apocalypse. “GOLF”, a clinical understudy, has an unpleasant history of family and relationship issues. With his sibling in prison and the remainder of his family being in Germany since he was youthful, “GOLF” has never felt the profound love of someone else. Furthermore, presently with the world closure in a short 13 days “GOLF” needs just to find love while he actually gets the opportunity. “GOLF” and “Workmanship” should explore their mistaking affections for one another while likewise confronting the disarray that is detainees, wrongdoing, and some other insane circumstances they might wind up in as they stroll towards the apocalypse.

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